Canterbury Truffles is a truffle tree nursery run by Gavin and Anne Hulley, partners in GGC Trufffles Ltd based in North Canterbury and jointly owned by Gavin Hulley, Georgette Wang and Chris Pratt.

GGC Truffles Ltd was the second truffiere in Canterbury to start producing the Perigord Black Truffles.

In 2015 we named the truffiere, Amuri Truffiere. This embraces the natural Amuri Limestone Formation which is the origin of our lime rich Rendzina soils that contributor to the quality of the truffles. 

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Canterbury Truffles
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Truffle Dogs

Canterbury Truffles
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Why we love our Truffiere

New Zealand is all about lifestyle and moving here from South Africa fifteen years ago has brought the peace and beauty we long dreamed for. 

It wasn’t hard to decide on North Canterbury as the site for our truffiere. It has the sweet limestone soils and dry climate truffles love and it provides us with a weekend escape away from the stress of living in the city.

The bonus of owning a share in a truffiere, aside from it being our potential retirement fund, is that we have a wonderful place for picnics, family fun and spending days in the sweet, fresh air. The children have slid down hills on toboggans, dug shallow ‘swimming pools, run screaming from territorial magpies and just had fun.

While there is regular maintenance that needs doing, everyone chips in and once it’s done then it's time for relaxing and enjoying the views of the Southern Alps that mark the end of the horizon.

There are ancient Roman mosaics and frescos that show men out in the forests and fields looking for truffles…with pigs.

They had to be muzzled however because if they got to the prized tuber before the hunter did, the truffle would be gobbled up in seconds.

More recently dogs have been trained to seek out these 'kitchen diamonds'.

Casper is an Australian Blue Heeler who joined our family five years ago. He was always going to be a working truffle dog but is now one of the children and our family wouldn't be complete without him

Gavin and Anne Hulley
Gavin Hulley
An engineering graduate, Gavin Hulley has used his analytical skills and understanding of natural soil and water systems to develop an understanding of the requirements for truffle growing. His specialist knowledge of hydro-engineering gives Gavin a unique insight into the most efficient ways to set up the irrigation schemes need to supply water to the trees. 
Anne Hulley
Being the owner/operator of Frankie Frog Swim School for over ten years, has given Anne vast marketing and organisational skills. In addition to running a busy household, she also oversees the marketing and promotion of truffles from the GGC Truffiere. Anne spent several years working for Air France so she has toured extensively in France and around Europe. She understands the passion the French have for truffles