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Among the rolling hills of north Canterbury is the Amuri Truffiere. It’s here from these limestone soils that Canterbury Truffles harvest young seedlings growing among the roots of truffle-infected oaks and hazelnuts.

With their roots heavily-infected with Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) fungus from their productive parent trees, these seedlings are nurtured in our Christchurch nursery until they are fully established and any new root growth also infected.

Once nursery stock reach the right age and size, they are examined for the correct truffle infection, using microscope and DNA techniques. Once certified, the young trees are ready to be planted.

Canterbury Truffles is committed to the long term success of the truffle industry in New Zealand and is involved at all levels. 
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What are truffles?
Truffles are the most valuable mushroom in the world. The truffle fungus grows on roots of host trees. The most common host trees are oak and hazel trees. The truffle fungus lives in a symbiotic relationship with the tree, where the fungus helps the tree extract nutrients from the ground and the tree provides the truffle fungus with carbohydrates. To produce truffles commercially it is therefore very important that the host tree’s roots are well infected with the correct strain of the truffle fungus for your conditions.
Canterbury Truffles
Contact us: Gavin Hulley - (03) 9804644 or email:
Canterbury Truffles
Contact us: Gavin Hulley - 0274626068 or email:
Why you should plant a truffiere:
  • The world’s chefs and lovers of haute cuisine cry out for truffles every year, and there are never enough to meet the demand.
  • Once established an oak plantation could produce truffles for well over 50 years
  • It's a good idea if you don't want to have to rely on the government to fund your retirement.

  • And most importantly, you are planting trees and doing your bit for the environment.